👪 What Paul Harris Wrote? Health Baby: is it normal for me to have so much belly?

Baby: is it normal for me to have so much belly?

Do not hurry, it is not a sign of obesity or malnutrition. It is due, among other reasons, to the accumulations of brown fat, which has important functions in your body.

The bulging gut is a feature inherent in the constitution of children up to 18 months. And, until they start moving more, babies need an important reserve of fat to keep their body warm. In addition, your internal organs bulge a lot in your belly and your abdominal muscles have yet to be strengthened.

Beneficial fat

You see that those fat supplies, mainly in the neck, gut and around the kidneys, do not denote any health problems. They are called brown fat and, in addition to maintaining the body temperature of babies, they favor energy production and prevent them from falling sick and stop eating from becoming weak.

On the other hand, keep in mind that your baby’s body is very small and houses the same amount of organs as that of an adult. And that the muscles of your abdomen will be strengthened when you start walking, running and jumping. Therefore, as soon as you grow a little and start exercising more, you will become more slender and your belly will disappear.

Gases that swell

Two reasons why the baby may have a bloated stomach, in this case with sporadic discomfort or pain, are the accumulation of gas and constipation. Both disorders are closely related. If you manage to prevent your child from being constipated, you will also get rid of gas. To do this you have to try to eat slowly and drink more water between meals. Offer also orange juice, which has a lot of fiber. And prepare the puree with vegetables that have more fiber, such as chard, green beans, asparagus and lettuce. Add a dash of raw olive oil to the purees.

If it remains uncomfortable, lie on your back, grab your legs by the thighs and bring them to the abdomen, exerting a slight oppression to facilitate the accumulated air.

However, if you do not feel better, talk to the pediatrician, maybe I can prescribe a remedy that calms you. Never give anything on your own, even if it is a natural remedy.

What curious!

Throughout their second year, with body development, the internal organs that occupy the belly area will have more space. It’s another reason why your belly will stop looking so bulky.

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