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Home remedies for 6 discomforts of pregnancy

Back pain, nausea, heartburn … Now that you should not take drugs, what alternatives exist to relieve these ailments?

You feel bad and you can’t medicate …

The first trimester and the third (in some cases also the second) are “moviditos” in terms of uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy: almost all future moms experience some of the typical discomforts. On the other hand, in these months common disorders can also appear, such as a cold, a headache …

And you already know that in many cases you cannot resort to drugs (you should only take them when prescribed by the doctor). But you calm down: there are safe alternatives to find the relief you are looking for.

Nausea and vomiting

Up to 80% of women suffer some episode of nausea in pregnancy and 50% also suffer from vomiting. They usually appear at the beginning of pregnancy and remit at the end of the first trimester.

They are believed to be triggered by hormonal change and have an emotional component.

You must not…

Take antiemetic medications on your own, because it has been proven that some of them cross the placenta and can be harmful to the fetus.

If you can…

Eat a snack every morning before getting up (salty crackers and chines help settle the stomach). Also, take solid food first thing and leave the liquids for later, since they are tolerated worse.

Throughout the day, make six or seven light meals, instead of two or three plentiful and fatty foods, move in well-ventilated environments and avoid the smells that stir you. If the nausea and vomiting are still abundant, check with your doctor.

Back pain

It is typical of the last months, when the curvature of the spine is accentuated and the weight of the uterus is more than considerable. To avoid or relieve it once it has appeared:

You must not…

Take muscle relaxants, or apply shortwave therapies, microwaves or magnetotherapy (there are no studies that guarantee its safety).

If you can…

Take care of your postures. If possible, avoid doing housework. And if you don’t have another one, remember to do it the right way (bend down by bending your knees, instead of arching your back, and don’t take weights).

Do not stand up for a long time or sit in low chairs or with a short back support. Yoga stretches can prevent it.

If there is already pain, ask your partner to smear his fingers with moisturizing oil and massage with them, as if kneading, the neck and shoulders; then you must go down along the spine, with open palms and drag movements from the inside out. Another formula: apply the hot shower jet at the affected point.


It usually appears in the last trimester, since the digestive system is displaced and very depressed, which causes reflux. To remedy it:

You must not…

Take antacids without your doctor’s prescription (not all are safe and must be taken in a controlled manner), or bicarbonate (can cause rebound effect and, at high doses, edema, as it contains a lot of sodium).

If you can…

Eat in small quantities, six or seven times a day, do the digestion sitting and sleep half-seated. After dinner, wait a couple of hours before going to bed. Avoid very fatty foods (fried foods, cold cuts) and spicy foods. And if you notice that the acidity is about to arrive, drink a drink of cold milk, you will see what relief you feel.

Fluid retention

The hormone progesterone is responsible for retaining more fluids. Noticing swollen feet at the end of the day is normal, but if your face also swells and your head hurts, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you suffer from normal edematization:

You must not…

Take diuretics Years ago the news jumped that they could help prevent preeclampsia, but this theory has been rejected and specialists advise against its use now, as they can be harmful to the baby.

If you can…

Drink 2 liters of fluids a day, eat a diet that favors diuresis, increasing foods high in protein and low in sodium (lean meat, blue fish …) and regularly taking leeks, asparagus, artichoke or pineapple.

Reduce salt intake and rest with your feet up. As for therapies, reflexology and lymphatic drainage (always performed by professionals) can be of great help.


Half of the pregnant women suffer. The increase in progesterone and the pressure of the uterus are the “culprits”.

You must not…

Take laxatives on your own. Although most, used in specific cases, are accepted, others do not provide as much security.

If you can…

Increase fiber consumption. Take more fruits and vegetables, bran, organic yogurts and olive oil (without abuse) daily. Stay active and drink more water. An infallible remedy: mix a plain yogurt with dried plums and apricots and take it for breakfast.

Trouble sleeping

Virtually all pregnant women have them. The volume of the gut, the baby’s kicks, the stress and the constant need to pee cause it.

You must not…

Take sleeping pills or tranquilizers, as it has been proven that they can harm the baby. Some typical natural infusions to alleviate insomnia are also discouraged , such as passionflower (containing alkaloids) or valerian (its safety in pregnancy is not proven).

If you can…

Dispense with exciting drinks after dinner. And at night, follow a calming ritual: frugal dinner (lettuce and warm milk induce sleep), walk as a couple and always sleep at the same time.

Once in bed, imagine your baby floating in the womb, happy. Next, relax every part of your body, from bottom to top. The dream will come alone.

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