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Natural tricks to advance labor

The ones we tell you serve so that, when the baby is ready to be born, the birth is triggered naturally. They can be implemented from weeks 39-40.

The tricks that we are going to tell you next can be carried out by women who have already spent the 39th or 40th week of pregnancy and who have passed with total normality and without medical complications. Take note … and good luck!

When to implement these tricks

You have to know that the best known methods for advancing labor may work … or not. But in no case will they be harmful to your health. Just do not put them into practice if you still have enough time to get out of accounts or if you have any medical problems and / or your doctor advises you against it.

Walking advances childbirth

The method that your gynecologist is sure to advise you if the date you leave accounts is imminent and there are no indications of childbirth is walking. Walking daily, at least a couple of hours helps a lot to trigger labor.

When walking, at a moderate pace, the pelvis has a continuous movement that helps the baby descend and fit , which will greatly help the cervix begin to erase.

Climb stairs or sit on a ball

When you sit on a large gymnastic ball or when climbing stairs, just like squatting, you help the baby fit into your pelvis if he has not already done so.

Turn up stairs whenever you can. Of course, without getting exhausted or having tachycardia, you should not do crazy things in any case.

Have sex

Having sex is also usually advised in these circumstances. Female orgasms cause small contractions in the uterus and may encourage true labor contractions to appear.

Remember that you always have to follow the instructions of your oncologist and make love is allowed if you have not been advised against it.

Non-scientific methods

There are other well-known methods among mothers, but without scientific basis to support them. Among them, the most popular are having a good cup of hot chocolate, having a seafood dinner or eating some spicy food. But keep in mind that eating this type of food can cause poor digestion.

There are also moms who assure that after a good bath with warm water with lemon verbena the arrival of the child is accelerated.

Encourage your baby to be born

One last trick: talk to your baby. Visualize him descending through the birth canal and tell him with all the love in the world that his mother is happy and ready to meet him face to face and love him more and more.

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