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Short and character girl names

Choosing a name for our children is one of the things that more headaches usually give to future parents if they do not agree. We give you a long list of short girl names with personality so you can find the perfect one for you.

Girl names that begin with A and B

Ada Hebrew means “ornament.” Onomastic: December 4.

April. Of Latin origin, its onomastics is celebrated on January 30 and means “openness.”

Aida Hebrew, “distinguished.” February 2

Sunrise. Latin origin, “white.” February 2

Amal. Arabic name, “hope” –

Ana. Hebrew name, means “blessed by God” and its onomastics is July 26.

Ania Latin origin, “consecrated”. August 31

Ariel It is also used for children. It means “lion of God”, is Hebrew and has no onomastics.

Aroa Germanic name, “good person”.

Asia. It comes from Greek mythology.

Aura.It is celebrated on March 11 and is of Latin origin. It refers to the golden color.

Ava. Eva variant.

Beth Of Hebrew origin, “promise of God.” November 5th.

Girl names from C to D

Carla. Germanic origin, it translates as “free person”. November 4th.

Carmen. Of Hebrew origin, “Garden of God.” July 16th.

Celia Latin name, “heavenly.” October the 17th.

Cira. His onomastics is August 3. It is of Hebrew origin and means “shepherdess.”

Clear. Latin origin, “pure, clear”. August 11.

Clio It means “famous” and is of Greek origin.

Cloe. It is a Greek name that can be translated as “nascent herb.” It has no onomastics.

Cora Of Greek origin, it means “young lady.” It is celebrated on May 14.

Chorus. Latin origin, its onomastics is September 8.

Daphne.From the Greek, “laurel.” It has no onomastics.

Dana Hebrew means “judge.” October 25.

Give to. It is a Hebrew name that means “wisdom.”

Delia Of Greek origin, “arrival of the island of Delos”. His onomastics is December 8.

Dora It is celebrated on March 13, is of Greek origin and means “gift”.

Dunia Arabic name, “lady of the world”.

Girl names from E to G

Edith Name of Anglo-Saxon origin, it translates as “fighting for wealth.” Onomastic: September 16.

Edna It means “heavenly garden” in Hebrew. Nov. 16.

Elia “My God is Yahweh.” Hebrew origin July 20th.

She. Germanic origin, “other.”

Elsa Hebrew origin, “God is abundance.” November 5th.

Emma Germanic name means “strong.” June 29.

Ester. December 20th. Persian origin, means “star.”

Eve. “Hebrew name,” the one who gives life. ” Decembre 19th.

Fara Arabic origin. “Joy, happiness.” It is celebrated on December 7.

Fiona Gaelic origin, “pure, white”.

Flora. November 24. Latin origin, “goddess of flowers”.

Gaia Greek origin, “Earth.” It has no onomastics.

Gala. Latin name, “of Gaul.” May 3

Gem. “Precious stone”, Latin origin. may 14.

Gilda Germanic origin, “brave”. January 29.

Greta Latin name, “pearl.” November 10

Girl names from I to L

Going. Germanic origin, “warrior woman”. March, 19.

Agnes. Greek, “pure, sacred.” January 21st.

Irma Germanic name, “strong.” Dec. 24.

Iva Germanic, “victory.” January 13th.

Judit May 6th. Hebrew origin, “woman of Judea”.

Laia Greek origin, “eloquent woman.” February 12.

Wool. Germanic name means “precious.” Onomastics: August 18.

Lara Latin origin, “protector of the home”. March 26th.

Read Hebrew, “languid woman.” March 22.

Lisa Hebrew, “promise of God.” November 5th.

Lola Latino, pains. September 15.

LúaIt is of Latin origin and means “moon.” August 15th.

Light. Latin origin, “light, brightness”. His onomastics is June 1.

Girl names from M to R

Mabel. In Latin, “adorable.” 3 of June.

Maia Greek name, “midwife”. August 15th.

Mar. Of the Virgin of the Sea. September 15.

Not. Hebrew name, “motion.” It has no onomastics.

Nora Diminutive of Eleonora. His onomastics is July 1.

Ode. Germanic name means “jewel, treasure.” April 20th.

Olga Scandinavian origin, means “divine.” July 11.

Cheep. Latin origin, “devotee.” April 30th.

Peace. Of Our Lady of Peace. Latin origin January 24

Raquel. Hebrew name, “sheep.” September 2

Rita Greek origin, “pearl”. Nov. 16.

Pink.Latin origin, “flower”. August 23rd.

Ruth In Hebrew, “companion.” December 30

Girl names from S to Z

Sara Hebrew, “woman of high rank.” October 9

Selma Germanic, “sacred helmet”. April, the 21st.

Sol. Latino, “sun.” December 3.

Torch. Name of Germanic origin, means “people. July 25

Uma Of Sanskrit origin, it refers to a Hindu goddess.

Vera In Latin, “true.” August 1

Zoe Greek origin means “life.” May 2 and July 5.

Zía Arabic name, “light, brightness”.

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