Short boy names

Here you have more than 60 ideas, so that they serve as an inspiration when looking for your child’s name. And if you want more baby names, look here.

If you are looking for a child name that is not long but has personality, you are in the right place

Child names that begin with A, B and C

Abel. Hebrew. Breath. December 28

Adam. It means “man made of earth.” She is Latino and is celebrated on July 20.

Allah Of Celtic origin, it is translated as “stone.” September 8th.

Aldo Germanic name, “gray hair”. January 10.

Axel Scandinavian name that can be translated as “my father is peace”. March 2

Biel Hebrew. Strength of God September 29

Blas. February 3rd. Of Latin origin, “stutterer.”

Boris “He who fights to achieve glory.” Bulgarian origin May 2

Brad Anglo-Saxon origin “wide, wide.” It has no onomastics.

Bruno Of Germanic origin, “brown”. October 6

It fell. From Latin, “cheerful.” April 22.

Cease. Latin origin, “with mane”. March, 15th.

Cyrus. Of Persian origin, it means “person with a vision of the future”. Onomastics: August 3.

Cosme. Name of Greek origin, “arranged”. September 26.

Short boy names from D to F

Daniel It is celebrated on July 21, is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my judge.”

David. Hebrew, “the beloved.” December 29.

Denis Greek name, “consecrated to Dionysus.” It is celebrated on October 9.

Diego. Of Hebrew origin, “supplanter.” November 13

Dimas Hebrew origin, refers to the sunset. It has no onomastics.

Elio Greek, means “sun.”

Eloy Latin origin, means “the chosen one”. December 1st.

Eric Scandinavian name, “eternal ruler.” May 18

Felix Latin origin, “happy, lucky man.” August 1

Fidel Latin name, “faithful.” April 24

Short names for children from G to J

Gael. Name of Breton origin, “generous.” November 3

German Latino, “brother.” October 23

Hector. Greek origin, “he who sustains.” October 9

Hugo. Germanic, “intelligent.” January 21st.

Ian Scottish origin, “God is merciful.” June 24.

Igor. Of Scandinavian origin, “protected by God.” 5th June.

Iker. Euskera, its onomastics is May 31.

Ilan It is of Hebrew origin and means “tree.” It has no onomastics.

Isaac In Hebrew “God rejoices.” 3 of June.

Ivan. It comes from Russian. “God is kind.” June 24.

JoelHebrew origin, “Yahweh is God.” July 13.

Jon. Greek name, “God is mercy.” June 24.

José. “God will add.” Hebrew origin March, 19.

Juan. Greek, “God is merciful.” June 24.

Names for children from L to R

Lion. November 10 It means “lion, fierce” and comes from the Greek.

Liam “The one who protects.” Irish name June 25th.

Luke. Latin origin, “bright.” January 13th.

Luis. Germanic name, “glorious in the fight.” June 21.

Nico Greek origin, “victory.” 6th of December.

Nile. Latin origin, refers to the river of Egypt. September 25th.

Noe Hebrew, “long life.” November 10

Omar Arab origin, “he who builds.” Nov. 16.

Oriole. In Latin “golden”. 23 of March.

Oscar. Nordic origin, “spear of the gods.” February 3rd.

RaulName of Germanic origin, means “wolf”. December 30

Roman “Citizen of Rome”. Latin origin November 18th.

Roque Germanic origin, “warrior scream”. September 2

Names from S to Y

Saul Hebrew name, “the desired one”. June 29.

Simon It means “God has heard” in Hebrew. January 5.

Tirso Greek origin, alludes to the worship of God Dionysus. January 24

Thomas “Twin” in Aramaic. 3rd of July.

Udo Germanic, means “owner of wealth.” June 2nd.

Unai. In Basque “pastor”. It has no onomastics.

Uriel. Hebrew “light of God.”

Victor. Name of Latin origin, “winner”. Onomastics: January 22 and May 14.

Vidal. Latin origin, “that has life”. November 4

Yerai. Guanche name means “big.”

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