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What to do if the baby has conjunctivitis

It is a common infection in babies and children. And it is convenient to know what caused it to be able to treat it correctly.

Red, watery eyes, itching, blemishes, eyelids stuck in the morning … They are the most common symptoms of conjunctivitis, a very common eye infection in infants and young children. If your baby suffers it, do not get overwhelmed, it is not serious. But you must take steps to combat it, because it is most annoying.

Don’t be alarmed, but take him to the pediatrician

In principle you should not be alarmed by the tearing characteristic of this alteration, as it works as a drain to help expel any foreign body that may have entered the eye. And neither should redness scare you, as it is a sign that your child’s immune system has been activated to combat the possible infectious focus (the conjunctiva capillaries dilate to attract antibodies).

But even so, you should take the pediatrician as soon as possible to have him examine and prescribe the medications he deems most appropriate for him.

How is conjunctivitis treated?

The treatment of conjunctivitis depends on the origin of it. Keep that in mind, so always do what your pediatrician tells you.

Viral conjunctivitis: If your child has a cold and has many mucus and watery, red eyes, chances are that his conjunctivitis is viral. Possibly the doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatories and will indicate to you to put ophthalmic eye drops.

Bacterial infection: If the baby has a thick yellowish discharge and the eyelids stuck on waking, his conjunctivitis will be bacterial and the doctor will prescribe topical antibiotics in eye drops or ointment (if you have trouble putting it on, do it when you are asleep, putting it on the tear).

Of allergic origin: If you have irritated eyes but no secretion and have swollen eyelids, in addition to sneezing a lot, it is almost certain that your conjunctivitis will be allergic and will need to be treated with antihistamines and / or corticosteroids.

It may have gotten something

If the inflammation is located in only one eye, it is most likely that something has been put into it. Try to wash it with physiological serum, but if you are not sure that the foreign object has been removed and the child is still upset, go to the doctor, except in the latter case, which will be solved in a short time, in the other situations it will take at least one week to have healthy eyes again.

What can you do

Of course, put into practice all the guidelines that the doctor has indicated. Among them, surely there are the following.

Wash your eyes with serum: Soak the legañas with physiological serum (if you take them dry, you can scratch them). When soft, remove them with the tip of a sterile gauze, from the inside out. Use a gauze for each eye, so as not to pass the infection from one to another. And do this cleaning two or three times a day.

Apply compresses: Soaked in warm water or cold water. The former are suitable if you have an infectious conjunctivitis. And the latter, if your condition is allergic or traumatic.

Put on sunglasses when you go out: You ‘ll be more comfortable, because conjunctivitis causes photosensitivity.

And so he doesn’t spread … Don’t share the towels with him and wash his hands very often.

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